Performance test that evaluates the auditory system, evaluates the ability of a person to hear sounds and the stages of hearing impairment.

Tinnitus Pitch Match

It is an assessment that allows us to identify the tinnitus (noises or tinnitus) experienced by patients, evaluating different sounds emitted by the audiometer.

Acoustic Impedance with Reflections

It is a test used to evaluate the mobility of the tympanic membrane during variation of air pressure. Used to diagnose presence of fluid in the middle ear and to evaluate response to sound stimulus.

Otoacoustic Emissions

Study of modulator cells stimulated by sound (outer hair cells). It is used to evaluate people with ringing in minimum hearing and hearing loss. In newborns, as initial diagnosis or as part of neonatal screening.

Hearing Potential

PETA (Auditory Evoked Potentials Trunk, also called BERA – Brainstem Evoked Response Auditory) is a study of the auditory pathway to evaluate conduction of information to the central nervous system with surface sensors and sound stimuli. It can be used to diagnose deafness in infants and young children; and to assess the conduction of information along the auditory pathway in adults.

Neurological Auditory Potentials

The study of ABR is a test used to study the brain’s electrical activity in response to external stimuli.

377Vestibular Evaluation

Visual Stimuli Testing

They are the different tests performed to assess ocular reflex functionality lobby and its relationship to the vestibular and ocular system.


Low infrared control study to determine causes of peripheral, central, mixed, cervical and balance disorders. Assessments can be made with caloric stimuli by air or water. In patients with intolerance, movements are evaluated. This study is detailed and allows differentiation of abnormal flickering eye movements for accurate diagnosis.

Caloric Testing

It is the study evaluating integrally-based ear vestibular stimulation system using warm and cold water to determine functional impairment.

54edbf9008ab74090a6d9cfabaf23b30Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

They are cervical and postural exercises to reverse vertiginous crisis.


Studies that are used to measure the pressure of endolymph in the inner ear. They are useful for diagnosing Meniere’s disease and distinguish it from vestibular migraines as well as secondary diagnosis of dropsy.